Visa: Trying to secure a safer future


Visa (2017), a short film made by filmmaker Manish Rahatkar, makes a poignant portrayal of a family that wants to flee their riot-torn land in search of a brighter future. The theme for the film has immense socio-political relevance in the contemporary world, given the fact that:

  • every minute 24 people are forced to flee their homes
  • officially, 21.3 million refugees were identified in 2015
  • of which, 3.2 million are still seeking asylum
  • 51 per cent of these 2.3 million are children
  • making 1 in every 2 refugees, a child

– Courtesy of Visa, 2017

But then, the ones who are waiting to be invited at the borders, do they even care about their destination? These thoughts, and more, have been beautifully rendered via a song sung in Urdu language, towards the end of the reel.


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