INZBC to unveil the ‘Decade of Action’


In an attempt to examine the new decade of action, India New Zealand Business Council (INZBC) will host its first-ever hybrid Summit on June 23-24, 2021. Titled ‘Decade of Action’, this summit will explore the new realities that have emerged post-Brexit, RCEP, COVID, Trump and other geopolitical changes that define our new normal. In this new world order, both India and New Zealand are well-positioned to work and strive together for mutual benefit.

On the first day of the summit, attendees will get to interact with other guests face-to-face. On the second day, the summit is entirely virtual, for which attendees need to register online.

The Summit will bring together influential ministers, policymakers, diplomats from across India and New Zealand to focus on various issues of diplomacy and trade that affect the new world order. It aims to provide a deeper and meaningful dialogue at a diplomatic level, by moving the conversation away from the FTA and to find new, innovative ways of collaboration.

Championing the cause of educating Kiwi businesses of on-the-ground realities of doing business with India, the team at INZBC continues to work closely with government agencies like the Ministry for Foreign Affairs & Trade, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Education NZ, Indian High Commission.

The Summit will cover four main themes, to be examined by the speakers over the two days.


Panel Discussion: Indo-Pacific strategic ties 

The first panel discussion of the INZBC Summit will focus on the power dynamics in the Indo-Pacific. Examining India’s involvement and relevance in the region along with New Zealand’s dynamic and strategic importance, an ensemble of speakers will decode the shifting geopolitics in the region. Experienced diplomats and public sector leaders will examine the future of rule-based trade and international security in the Indo-Pacific region.

Panel Discussion: Globalisation, post COVID-19 

The second panel discussion of the summit will examine the impact of post-COVID policy changes and initiatives on globalisation. With the global community continuing to reel from the effects of the pandemic, what does the future look like for international trade?

Speakers from across public and private sectors will compare avenues of future trade – collaboration, strategic partnerships, IP sharing against a trade that’s solely reliant on import and export. The panel discussion will also examine the growth of indigenous and Maori economies by the Indian and New Zealand governments, respectively.


Panel Discussion: Trade Regulations – The New Normal 

On day 2, this virtual panel discussion will explore the future of trade regulations. Speakers from across dairy, pharmaceutical companies, politics and food industry will examine the future of trade between India and New Zealand. Will trade agreements between nations be bilateral or multilateral and how will this affect relationships between the two countries?

Panel Discussion: Services Sector – Changing scenarios and challenges

Service sectors like education, tourism and sporting industries are the biggest casualties of this pandemic. While these sectors contribute a significant percentage to the Indian and New Zealand economy, a lack of movement has hindered growth within these sectors.

The INZBC Summit has brought together local and international experts for this virtual discussion, who will examine the current biggest challenges faced by the service sector and present best-case scenarios, solutions and a way forward for these industries.

Event details:

Date: June 23 (face-to-face/ virtual) and June 24 (virtual), 2021

Time: 5pm – 8pm

Venue: The Trusts Arena, Henderson, Auckland


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