Integrating migrants via social cohesion at the workplace


Migrant Careers Support Trust was launched at the ANZ Migrant Expo 2019, with the objective to give back something that makes a difference. Since then, they trust has organised for several workshops and introduced settlement plans for migrant communities. “Our workshops are aimed at social cohesion and integration at the workplace – a prime area in which a migrant needs help,” says Garry Gupta, founder and chairman of the trust. 

The trust helps migrants succeed in mainstream careers, helps mothers go back into the work stream, and helps well qualified professionals find work that match their skills. “There is no agency that helps with career path and bridges this gap,” says Gupta.

“We do not train, but put knowledge together which is delivered by successful migrants. This adds inspirational value to the workshops,” says Gupta. “We help identify gaps in their career and make them conversant with pay scales in every industry. So that they can upskill if required, or we could educate them on transferable skills or even find them internships.”

Recently, Migrant Careers had organised a basic workshop for women aimed at making them independent, where an ANZ bank representative taught them how to use ATM. 

Services offered:

  • Hard skills for job & career growth
  • Soft skills for professional growth New Zealand
  • Career paths in various industries
  • Identifying skill gaps and overcoming them, etc.

“We are planning to advertise candidates on our website and promote their profiles so that they are spotted by potential employers,” adds Gupta.

Their next workshop will be on careers in horticulture, on March 28, 2020, 10-12:30 at Fickling Convention Centre, 546 Mt Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland.

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For more information, contact them at:

4343 Great North Road, Glendene, Auckland. Ph: 021-2924519 / 09-5745220.


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