Where does the #racism ball stop rolling?!

This afternoon, I stepped inside a bus in the pouring rain and asked the Kiwi lady driver: ‘Are you going to Xyz?’ (naming the destination isn’t important here).
She replied: ‘Off the bus!’
I asked: ‘What do you mean?’
She replied: ‘Get off the bus. Am not going to Xyz.’
When I pointed out she was very rude and got off the bus, she nodded in affirmation and drove off.
I narrated the incident to the driver of the bus I finally got into. He was Maori/ Pacific Islander and advised I should report this to the bus company. He was also kind enough to offer me a part of the mandarin he was having.
Then he asked: ‘Was the driver of Asian origin?’
Where does the #racism ball stop rolling?!

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