Aural, oral and literary: The holy trinity of Urdu mushaira


On October 14, the Urdu enthusiasts in Auckland brought together a beautiful alliance of poetry and music in this royal language, which is loved mostly for its literary, oral and aural qualities. The event, was held amidst the majestic surroundings of the Winter Garden Café at Auckland Domain.

Host Humaira Atta

The Urdu language first developed in the 12th Century and brought together influences from Persian, Arabic and Turkishcultures. Over the years, it emerged as a language of communication that linked diverse people and sensibilities. Thus, the event brought together a wider audience from both India and Pakistan.

The highlight for the evening was a visiting poet and scholar of Urdu language, Prof Rais Alvi, whose poetry echoed, yet again, the value of the poetic medium specifically and the artistic endeavour overall. MPs of Indian origin, like Kanwaljeet Singh Bakshi and Paramjeet Singh Parmar, graced the occasion to show not only their love for the language but also to encourage and show their patronage towards locally-based emigrant talent and the celebration of cultural identity.


This event also marked the official beginning of ‘Bazm-e-adab’, a coming together of local subcontinent artistes, with monthly gatherings, to provide an umbrella or a cultural hub for the celebration of the art, music and the rich history of Urdu language.

Several speakers talked about the significance of keeping alive our ethnic languages, for a deeper and more enriching experience. The live music, at the end of the evening, beautifully validated the poetry as well as the local melodious voices. For the audience, the event concluded with a distinct lyrical ambiance, surely adding some music to the symphony of their lives.


Photos courtesy: Mahrukh Khan

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