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The origin of my blog azanagoesbananas dates back to 2012. As an 8-year-old, I decided to share my thoughts with the world. What better way than a blog to talk about life, food and everything in between!

I’ve always loved writing, but I’m mostly passionate about food. So after a few years, I decided to change azanagoesbananas to predominantly a food blog considering my family and I are such absolute foodies. The only problem I faced with having a Weebly blog is that posts took an age to write, and there was little to no interaction with followers.

At the end of September 2018, I created an Instagram account to share my genuine thoughts in the moment, and I’m pretty surprised at how much it’s grown. By creating my Instagram handle, I have managed to connect not only with a wider audience, but with other like-minded foodies too.

Pheast: My first collab

Along the way, my blog has created many awesome opportunities, such as my first collab last year with a noodle bar called Pheast, who invited me to come and try some of their food in return for a review. It’s been such a fun experience creating content for my ‘gram, and I’m always on the content-hunting grind!

I aim to write at least two reviews a week, but this can pose some challenges as it can be tricky finding a balance especially over exams time – although it’s pretty obvious which one I’d be doing if I could choose.

I also struggle to keep posts short, because there’s just so much to say about each dish, but with Instagram it’s important to keep readers engaged. My family and friends are super supportive, and always ask me about where to eat, and I’m constantly being tagged in good restaurants they think I should go visit. I’m also just starting to find my niche which I would describe as relatively healthy but also indulgent. I try and keep with a good mix of restaurant reviews, but also showcasing some home cooked faves.

On September last year, my Instagram account turned 1 year old, and I can’t wait to see you following me…!


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