10 apps that make learning easy and fun


Learning never stops. And in this age of smartphones in every pocket, learning really never stops. Let us look at 10 apps that can make learning interesting, whether you are a student, professional or advanced learner.


Planning to learn a new language? This multiple-award winning app makes it easy and great fun. It not only helps you practice your speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills but also improve your vocabulary and grammar skills through games. The app supports many languages including English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Russian, Italian and German.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is no longer a secret. The treasure trove of videos on almost any subject is just incredible. The app boasts access to over 10,000 free downloadable videos. So whatever you are looking to learn- K-12 maths to computer science to economics, trust Khan Academy to help you learn stuff.


PhotoMath is a unique concept. Many times, you come across a math problem where you get stuck. With PhotoMath, you just point your phone camera on the notebook or textbook and voila! The app gives you the step-by-step solution with the answer. Simple but life-saver.


Are you trying to improve your writing skills? With GradeProof, you can improve your writing style, check for originality, and identify grammatical issues. The magic is in GradeProof’s intelligent algorithms and patent-pending AI technology that also offers you to rephrase or reword your writing. While the app is free, you can upgrade to GradeProof Premium for power features.

My Study Life

Being on top of multiple classes, homework, and assignment exams could be daunting for some students. My Study Life app is a cross-platform planner for students and teachers that helps you plan and organise many aspects of your learning. Students can see due homework and assignment or plan for exam revisions. You can create a timetable and track your homework, assignments, etc. too.

Periodic Table

This app is not just an interactive Periodic Table but goes beyond that. The app features images, videos and podcasts to help you learn about the elements. Irrespective of the fact that you are a beginner or an advanced student, you will find something that suits your learning level. You can also customise the app to see what interests you.

iTunes U

Apple’s iTunes U is a full-features learning app for students and teachers. The app also features access to over 1 million free lectures, videos and other resources on thousands of subjects. Students can view assignments, homework, and tests. They can also interact with the teacher and other students, view their grades and track their progress. Teachers can plan the lessons, prepare teaching material and engage with students through the app. They can also grade student work and even publish their content for other teachers.


Studious is much more than a planner app. It lets students plan and organise their homework, assignments and exams with reminders of due dates. It also allows you to send emails to teachers and even take brief notes. The app recently added a new feature to scan documents and print them straight from the phone.


Learnist is an app that lets you learn from tens-of-thousands of topics with detailed sequenced lessons that are crowd-sourced and categorised. Think of it as a social network for learning with text, videos and LearnBoards.


Quizlet is a basic app that excels in just one thing– learning from flashcards. You can browse through a vast collection of quizzes created by other students and teachers. Whether you are learning your ABCs or preparing for SAT exams, you will find a quizlet just for yourself. You can also create your own flashcards. The app allows offline access and can be upgraded for extra features.


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